The Wit and Wisdom of Gargoyles

Welcome to The Aerie's quotes file. Gargoyles is full of quotable moments, so I started this with the hope of building a definitive Gargoyle quotes collection. Thanks to everyone who has sent in quotes so far.

- Constance "Eilonwy"

After you've read through the quotes below, if you don't see your favorite one-liner or piece of wisdom, send it to and I'll put it up along with your name.

- Patrick Toman

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Submitted by Lita:

Fang: What's the matter Talon? Feelin' a little cooped up? Are you a little
clostrophobic? How you like bein' a lowly subject?

                                                - Kingdom

Brooklyn: This has nothing to do with what I want!
                                                - Kingdom

Sevarius: If this gets anymore saccrine, I'll have to force a finger down
my throat.
                                                - Monsters

Brooklyn: She was so frightened.
Broadway: Yeah. . .of us.
Brooklyn: She needed help.
Broadway: From where I sat, she didn't want any.
Brooklyn: She wanted mine!
Broadway: Yeah. . .right. Lover boy snagged this off her wrist. . .
                                                - Metamorphisis

Dracon: Actually, I hate it, sugar.
Elisa: (pushing him) And I hate it when you call me sugar!
                                                - Protection

Angela: I have fifteen rookery sisters back on Avalon.
Brooklyn: So. . .when do we get our world tour?
                                                - Turf

Demona: My vengeance is all that you've left me!
                                                - The Reckoning

Macbeth: Know her? I named her!                 - Enter Macbeth

Angela: I know the boys are trying to be nice, but. . .are they always like
Elisa: Huh. It's been a long time since they've been around an attractive
female gargolye. Like about a thousand years. You're a big girl. Just let
them know how you expect to be treated.
                                                - Turf

Elisa: Ah-Tony, these are my friends-Broadway and Golith.
Dracon: Uh. . .we've met.
                                                - Protection

Brooklyn: Thanks for saving my bacon, before it got fried.
                                                - Leader Of The Pack

Dracon: So, Brod wants a turf war with Anthony Dracon, he's got it.
Glasses: What do you want us to do boss?
Dracon: Hit these mugs and hit 'em hard!
                                                - Turf

Demona: Let's not start this again-you blame me, I blame you-
                                                - City of Stone, part 3

Macbeth: Madame! They burned witches like you in the Middle Ages!
Margot: Mister you are living in fantasy world!
                                                - The Journey

Matt: Afraid you'll miss the late show?
Elisa: (carrying T.V.) It's a gift.
                                                - The Edge

Fang: Hey! Demona! It was a joke! You know, I've always respected you as a
fellow inmate! Some of my best friends are half human, half gargoyle babes
with bad attitudes!
Demona: (shooting at his cage) He's a fool, but he can help us.
Fang: I can live with that.
                                                - The Reckoning

Owen: shall we test the new security system?
Xanatos: Why not? A little test never hurt anyone.
Lexington: If you don't know anything, then why were you shooting at us?
Xanatos: Do I really need an excuse for having a good time in my own home?
                                                - Kingdom

Hudson: Why would she be wantin' to hit a sack?
Brooklyn: Uh. . .no, she means she's tired and she wants to sleep.
Hudson: Then why didn't she say so?
                                                - High Noon

Xanatos: Revenge they say, is a sucker's game. True love is harder to come
                                                - Leader of the Pack

Submitted by Slinky:

Brooklyn: You wanna fight? You got it!


Demona: My daughter? How dare you mock me? I have no daughter.

                        -The Reckoning

Brooklyn: Are you all right my love?

Demona: Yes, now that I'm back in your arms.

                        -Future Tense

Goliath: No doubt he has some sort of devious plan in mind.

                        -The Edge

Brooklyn: Give it up, dumpster face!

                        -The Edge

Lexington: In less than a minute, all the world will belong to me.

Goliath: It was you all along?

Lexington: Yup. Xanatos really did die in the fight with Hudson. I just

     kept his memory alive, so I could run the show unmolested.

                        -Future Tense

Angela: [looking at Demona] She looks so peacful.

Brooklyn: Yeah? Well, wait `til she wakes up.

                        -The Reckoning

King Arthur: A gargoyle. For a moment I thought I was in danger.

Griff: And what makes you think your not?


Goliath: Where's Brooklyn?

Broadway: He's out joyriding.

Goliath: Joy-rid-ing.


King Arthur: I am Arthur Pendragon.

Griff: Uh-huh. And I'm the Queen Mum.


Coldsteel(through Brooklyn): I wouldn't mind trading possession of

    this scrawny gargoyle for that.


Coldsteel: Try not to miss me too much. I'll be back!

Brooklyn: And this scrawny gargoyle will be waiting.

Submitted by Lysander:

"I've been denied everything even my REVENGE!"

			--Goliath, Awakening

Submitted by Dove:

1. "Jalapena!" Goliath, Protection

2. "I've always wondered what it would be like to

go up against the best"

        Macbeth, Avalon

3. "You and I are one, now and forever" Goliath to Demona,

various flashbacks, Vows

4. Xanatos: "What's this?"

Petros Xanatos: "A simple American penny. It's not worth much

now, but in a few years, who knows?"        Vows

5. "My...Angel of the night" Goliath, Awakening part 1

6. "I have so much to share with you" Macbeth to Dominique Destine,


7. Elisa: "Newly weds? It sounds like they're killing each other"

Thailog: "I sincerely hope so"  Sanctuary

8. "Give him your wallet, Brendan!" Margot, Awakening part 3

9. "No, wait. What are you doing?" Owen, Deadly Force

10. "Uh, Broadway, is it?" Owen, Leader of the Pack

11. "No, wait! Not forever!" Puck, the Gathering part 2

12. "Whoever's on the other end of this is gonna' get creamed" gunsmith

(or Vinnie), Vendettas

13. "Finally, you're thinking like a true Gargoyle" Demona, Hunter's

Moon 2

14. "Go for it kid" Puck through Coldstone, Possessions

15. "At least she's not chipped" Xanatos, City of Stone part 1

16. "Don't worry, Angie. Broadway is here" Broadway, Turf

17. Hudson: "Why would someone send us a statue of Elisa?"

Later that night, Brooklyn: "No, no no. The nose is all wrong, see."

18. "I wonder if Gargoyles taste like chicken" Hyena, Upgrade

19. "I love a man who brings me weapons" Hyena to Coyote Robot, Upgrade

20. "Trophies! Aha!" Macbeth Robot, The Price (The timing is way off.

That's why it's so funny)

Submitted by Andrea T. :

"CPR, the gift that keeps on giving."

			--Elisa, Hunter's Moon Part 2

"True immortality isn't about living forever.  It's about what you do with the time you have."

			--Hudson, The Price

Submitted by Amanda'Elisa': " I'm their prey you fool! We all are!" --Demona, Hunter's Moon Part 2 "We're not demons and we're not monsters, we're GARGOYLES and we're going to teach you to respect the name." --Angela, Hunter's Moon Part 3 "Remind me to be fashionably late next time." -- Brooklyn, Reawakening "I....will always be there for you." -- Goliath, The Gathering part 1 "Let's go pilgrim and don't forget the horse." -- Broadway, Deadly Force "Get Back! Or you'll wind up street pizza." --Elisa, Awakening Part 1 "This clan stands or falls together, and Elisa was one of the clan." --Hudson, Hunter's Moon Part 2 "You should have heard his laugh. Made my hair stand on end, if I had any." -- Lexington, Double jepardy Broadway: "Oh yeah, I'm just a big dumb gargoyle with his brains in his stomach." Brooklyn: "I couldn't have said it better myself." --Her Brother's Keeper
Submitted by: "Heeerrrrre's Puck" --Puck from "The Gathering" part 2 "I think you hurt him with that one..uh do it again." --Puck, from "The Gathering" Part 2 "Once more with feeling" --Coyote Robot
Submitted by: Sharon Cooper A.K.A. DragonGirl: Hudson:(looking at the phone directory) Ah, a magic book. Jeffery Robbins:Aren't they all? "A Lighthouse in the Sea of Time" Brooklyn:(looking at burning wreakage of motorcycle)Maybe we don't need to tell Goliath about this..... "Awakening Part III" Hudson:Who was that? Goliath:(wiping banana cream off his face)I haven't the faintest idea. "Vendetas" Police Officer: I don't know whether to call a hospital, a vet, or a computer shop. "Upgrade"
Submitted by Stormy: "You rode a horse once, could you build one from spare parts?" --Lexington, in "Temptations" "After a while, you only see the beauty." --Elisa, in "Cloud Fathers" "Only you would consider love a weakness." --Goliath [to Xanatos] in "Eye of the Beholder"
Submitted by "Hey man! Be cool!" -- Trick-Or-Treater "Eye of the Beholder"
Submitted by Gabriel: "I will 'always' love you..." ---MacBeth to Gruoch, City of Stone, pt 4--- "Wait...who are you...what are you?" " a story for another day..." ---Goliath and the Weird Sisters, City of Stone, pt.4--- "What are you looking at?" ---Xanatos to Bronx, City of Stone, pt. 4--- "Search unitll your kind are...but a nightmare memory!" ---Gruoch to Demona, City of Stone, pt 4--- "Poor MacBeth. Canmore was wrong about you and Demona. He said that when one dies, both die...but when one lives...both live. And so you both shall live...eternally linked...feeling each other's pain...and anguish...with no release untill one destroys the other. Only then shall you both finally perish...together..." ----The Weird Sisters, City of Stone, pt 4 "You screech like barn owls" "Meaningless chatter over meaningless lives." "And so barn owls you shall be..." ---The Weird Sisters, Avalon pt 1 "Alex, can you say...Harrassment?" (Alex coos) "I knew that you could!" ---Xanatos, Hunters Moon "I'm just so...tired..." ---MacBeth, City of Stone pt. 4 "STOP CALLING ME ANGIE!" ---Angela, Turf "It's alive...ALIVE! I've always wanted to say that." ---Xanatos, Reawakening "Now, I am truly alone..." ---Goliath, Awakening pt.2 "Yeah, we're sitting dorks here." ---Broadway, Enter Macbeth "She dosen't want our help...she dosen't want me..." ---Brooklyn, Metamorphosis "Ye mean to dunk me in that oversized chamber-pot!?" ---Hudson, The Price "He's the scientist. You're just the experiment." ---Xanatos, Metamorphosis "Actually Mr. Xanatos, I believe he's've never looked more heroic." ----Owen, Eye of the Beholder "Did you say THAT human or that HUMAN? Oh well, I'm sure I'll figure it out." ---Puck, The Mirror "The access code is...Alone..." ---Demona, City of Stone, pt.4
Submitted by Meraka: "Your naivete is refreshing, Goliath." --Xanatos, "Awakening" "Do ye even know HOW to laugh maniacally?" --Hudson, "Double Jeopardy" "Humans love a battle hearty; so does Puck! Come on, let's party!" --Puck, "The Mirror" "There's something you need to know about me. I don't believe in Loch Ness, UFOs, or secret societies. Believe me, the world's strange enough as it is." --Elisa, "The Edge" "They're real! And they're on our side!" --British pilot, "MIA" "Yeah, use the force, Lex!" --Brooklyn, "Her Brother's Keeper" "Yeah, just slow it down or I'll give you a ticket." --Elisa, "Reawakening" "That's a great, great costume." --Trick-or treater, "Eye of the Beholder" "I have a sunny disposition, and I'm always kind to animals." --Puck, "The Gathering" Titania: "On Avalon, Oberon's word is law." Princess Katherine: "Does that mean he's always right?" Titania: "Not while he's married." -- "Ill Met by Moonlight" "Oh, now you're just quibbling." --Oberon, "Ill Met by Moonlight" "Keep a safe distance." (Coyote reaches out and punches him) "Unngh!" --Goliath, "Cloud Fathers"
Submitted by Lex: "Don't worry, I'll show you what has to be done." Brooklyn: "Oh, yeah! You and what starfleet!" --From "Her Brother's Keeper"
Submitted by the editor: "I wonder if this city is ready for you guys." -- Elisa, in Awakening, Part V "On our tail, sir, we have...uh...I don't know what we have." -- Preston Vogel, in Outfoxed "Now, once again. What are you doing here? And please, don't fall off the building this time." --Goliath, in Awakening, Part II "Maybe we shouldn't believe everything we see on T.V." --Hudson, in Thrill of the Hunt "I don't remember any explosions in 'Bambi.'" --Lexington, in Re-Awakening "Claw marks? What could be strong enough to leave claw marks in solid stone?" --Elisa, in Awakening, Part I "Ears like these don't miss much." --Broadway, in Deadly Force "What is time to an immortal?" --the Weird Sisters, in Avalon, Part II "You guys are paranoid even for New York." --Elisa, in Awakening, Part II "A gargoyle does not whine. He roars." --Goliath, in Outfoxed Xanatos: (on losing a bout of Karate): "This is the first time I've ever lost a match to you. Owen: "Would you rather I pretended to lose?" Xanatos: "I'd fire you if you did." --from The Edge "What does this look like? Aladdin's lamp? I have limits." --Puck, in The Mirror "Books are lighthouses erected in the dark sea of time." --Jeffrey Robbins, in Lighthouse In The Sea Of Time "My name is Goliath. And I am not a creation. I belong to no one." --from Outfoxed Broadway: "I wish I had time for a snack." Lexington: "You just ate!" Broadway: "I know. Chinese food. It was good, too. But for some reason, an hour later I was hungry again." --from Awakening, Part V "I'm no hero. I just do my job." --Elisa, in High Noon "New York drivers!" --Broadway, in The Silver Falcon "No, my friend, that's not crazy. Questioning my sanity when I'm in earshot, that's crazy." --Hakon the Viking, in Awakening, Part I Matt Bluestone: "For a man pushing a hundred you're amazingly well-preserved. How accommadating of the society to provide its senior members with rejuvenation drugs." Mace Malone: "You should see their dental plan." --from Revelations "Elisa, I thought you understood. Avalon doesn't take you where you want to go. It sends you where you need to be." --The Guardian, in Avalon, Part III "Nobody threatens my eggs." --Princess Katherine, in Avalon, Part III "I wouldn't crow too loudly if I were you...after all, what have you accomplished? You beat up a beach." --the Archmage, in Avalon, Part II "In my experience, I have found that human problems soon become gargoyle problems." --Goliath, in M.I.A. "You know Matt. He probably took some time off to look for bigfoot." --Elisa, in The Silver Falcon "If you play it smart, there'll be plenty of lettuce for everyone." --Broadway, in Protection Lexington: "New York's so different when it snows." Brooklyn: "Yeah. It's colder." --from The Price "Nothing terrifies me. Because nothing is beyond my ability to change." --Xanatos, in The Price "And they say the middle ages were barbaric." --Hudson, in Awakening